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The Architecture of crisis is sort of an anti architecture. Building chiefly out of utility, no detailed plan or overriding aesthetic vision is at work. A plastic tarp is stretched over some timbers to form a shelter for those fleeing famine or war. Sandbags are hastily arranged to act as a barrier against the rush of oncoming flood waters. Those same sandbags can be constructed into a bunker to serve as protection from incoming gunfire or bombs. It is a fundamental form of architecture, it sole purpose the protection and preservation of human life.
My project, Fountain uses the same materials to create a very different type of space. Instead of drab colors meant for camouflage, these sandbags are sewn together out of brightly colored tarps. We are used to seeing these tarps in their familiar blue but in fact they are manufactured in a range of primary and secondary . The bright colors beckon like a child’s backyard play set. The utility of such a structure is elusive. Instead of beating back a rushing torrent they hold water in to form a pool for peaceful reflection.